Photography ~ Still Life–Ranger Mug, 01/31

This is a Special Ranger Mug

It was given to me by PFC Mokey, one of my Infantry Advanced Individual Training Trainees, at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, in 1971 or 1972. Mokey earned his Ranger Tab through ROTC (if I recall). He had enlisted in the Army and was in my company. I went on to earn my Ranger Tab in 1974, inspired by this soldier.img_6179-cr2

Photography ~ Still Life–Egyptian Bottle, 01/31

This belonged to my aunt–history unknown…

Lots of nice reflections…

Photography ~ Still Life–Greek Vase, 01/30

I purchased this when I was in Athens in 1988.

Photography ~ Still Life–Kerosene Lamp, 01/30

Were kerosene lamps your source of light after dark?

This lamp was my grandmother’s [born 1880] and dates back to the early 1900’s, if not earlier. I have two of her lamps. The lamp shade is recent.img_6163-cr2

Photography ~ Bubbles, 01/29

In this case, double bubbles base of reflections…

Then there is this collage–Double Bubbles X 5.


Photography ~ Fuk Luk Sau–Chinese Three Wise Men, 01/29


img_6101-cr2Three wise men are Chinese gods who are FuK, LuK, and Shou. Fu represents good luck and harmony; Lu stands for authority, power and wealth;  Shou signifies good health and longevity. Three gods are the popular deities of Wealth, Prosperity, and Longevity.


Photography ~ Sansevieria Trifasciata [Mother-in-Law’s Tongue], 01/29

This plant continues to thrive.

Last photographed 10/29.img_6104-cr2