Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY Shelf–Update], 12/31

Yes, I have been busy working two aspects of this DIY: 1) the “finishing” [stain & oil] of the tripod shelf; and 2) designing & building a waterproof shoulder to go from the SOLOSHOT3 to the ground–wood shelf [and anything thereon] protected.

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Nothing special about these iPhone photographs, except they document DIY progress over the last 2 days. My focus is two-fold: 1) the have a functional utility shelf that supports suspended weight to stabilize tripod if needed and that looks good; and, 2) to protect it and the tripod from precipitation and look good too.

My build is based on the premise that the SOLOSHOT3 Raincover has a bottom opening large enough to fit around the top of the collar [former safety cone]–approximately 7-inches. I think it does!

I am pleased with what I have accomplished in the last 36 hours or so. My plan is to apply 3 more coats of Tung Oil and complete the project sometime tomorrow, 10/01/2017.

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5 thoughts on “Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY Shelf–Update], 12/31”

  1. Just checking it out…

    Since I have 4 coats of Tung oil on both sides. I will put the next 3 coats on the top-side only. I think it is adequately protected, particularly since I will wax it with Johnson’s Paste Wax. The collar and leggings are off for now. I’m applying silicon to the top and bottom to seal the collar in place.


  2. Decided to put on the edging and the grommets in before putting on the last 2 coats of Tung oil and waxing the shelf. Since I am using silicon, there is some cleanup. Best to let it dry and then remove it. I think the oil will be an extra cleaner. In essence the final finishing, I hope, will polish the shelf. I wish silicon were less messy.


    1. Coat #6: Cleaned up the wood and oiled both sides, looking to get the sheen back.

      Good that I worked with the silicon before I was finished; otherwise, I think I would have to apply additional Tung Oil. I hope to apply the final coat around 8:00 am EST.


  3. At 2:45 PM EST, this is it–the 7th [and final, I hope] coat of Tung Oil. It is harder to get an even spread with things on the board. Have a smooth piece of wood and clean up the mess when finished or clean [which mars the finish] and then do a final coat. There is no easy way. I think the latter is best. Perfect would be wood with nothing on the surface. Anyway…


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