Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY Shelf–Build Complete], 12/29 @ 4:00 PM EST

Okay, Holes are cut, hooks & rings are in place, even a bag to drop thinks in.

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My red lens flashlight [a gift from the Artis Family] even has a place.  The grommets give the holes a more professional look. They have covers as well. I’ll have to find two 1″ grommets for the 2 bare holes. The bag for lens caps and other miscellaneous items.

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Next is final sanding, painting, and trimming [trim due 12/31]. I’ll place o-rings beneath the shelf around the grommets.

Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY Shelf–Evolving], 12/29 @ 6:00 AM EST

The 2 triangles are glued together & the eyelet for weight is in place.

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img_4860-cr2I have ordered a PVC/Aluminum Edge Trim that I think will give it a professional finished look. It is to arrive Saturday, 12/31. Later today I plan to cut several holes [using hole saws] and place grommets in most of them. 

Tonight, I plan to sand the shelf more and then prime it for painting. The 1st coat of paint [Marine Orange] may even be possible.

Stay tuned.

Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY Shelf–Evolving], 12/29

Well, the tripod shelf will be of 1/2″ plywood.

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I’ll call my early work yesterday [and featured above] a prototype–actually, the plastic triangle is serving as a template for the shelf I’m building. I cut 2 triangles from 1/4″ plywood and glued them together–cross-grained. This should give me sufficient rigidity to hold a 20# weight if I choose to anchor the tripod. camera-rollI sanded each side and the edges of the plywood; although, I want to use an edge guard of some type. It has to be flexible for the curves at the corners. I will probably cut holes 1″ and larger for associated gear. To finish the shelf, as much as I love the grains of wood, I think I’ll paint it Marine Orange [to match SOLOSHOT3]. The glue is to set for 24-hrs. before I sand it some more and start finishing the wood. Stay tuned…