Dress ~ Garment Leather Steampunk Gaiters, with Antique Brass Hardware, 12/16

These by VampieOodles selling on Etsy.

 I’m a happy customer!

img_4463-cr2First to Kelly and VampieOodles for a first-rate quality product and for getting it to me so quickly. Kelly gave me a heads-up December 9th that she had a pair black Garment Leather Steampunk Gaiters, with Antique Brass Hardware available, if I was “still” interested. We exchange many conversations about the product earlier, beginning November 26th. She was quite helpful.

I ordered the same day I received the heads-up. She shipped them the next day 12/10 and I received them 12/12 via USPS.

img_4460-cr2The VanpieOodle photographs I saw [not that they are bad pictures] did not show the true quality of the gaiters. The workmanship is superb. The stitching has to be the best I have seen. Pictures cannot show how supple the leather is, nor how sweet it smells. I like the leather so much that I want to buy something else, NOW! The antique brass hardware sets them off as you may see in my photographs. The placement looks perfect as if they were put there by a machine. Hey, I like them!

Yes, I verbally conveyed my observations and appreciation to Kelly. Job well done.

Although purchased for a Victorian Era Costume, I want to wear them frequently and have several times since receiving them.

I found the top of my boots would not fit beneath the gaiters and purchased shoes that best fit them. I am okay with that.

If you are considering buying a pair, do not hesitate. You will not regret your decision. I certainly do not.

Best to Kelly and VampieOodles and thank you for a product I will enjoy for many years.

Warm regards,


Author: jalexartis

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