Memories ~ Hay Street United Methodist Church, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 12/13

Ms. Martha Hayes, a Facebook Viewer, admired the photograph below and said: “Beautiful picture of the church. I grew up there!”

I have assembled photos I have taken of this church in an Album. Please see them here.and in the slideshow below. Click the arrows to control the slideshow.


Thanks Martha and the best.


Event ~ Candlelight Loft Tour, Fayetteville, North Carolina–Flickr Leaders, 12/12

After a day of viewing, the featured image has 9 views and the others 8.

Flickr Album

Just behind these leaders are 60 pictures with 7 views, many with 6, and 5, etc. It was a very good statistical┬áday at Flickr [over 2,450 of all my pictures looked at yesterday {stat day ended @ 7:00 pm EST} and so far today] and the blog [with 1,192 views of all my articles today {stat day ended @ midnight EST}. That’s currently about 10X a normal day] . Thanks to the many of you who looked at the photographs I took and read the words I wrote. I appreciate you! –jaa