Event ~ Candlelight Loft Tour, Fayetteville, North Carolina–Tour Guide, 12/11

We were SPECIAL!

The Downtown Alliance gave us tour guides [versus the maps of the past] with an exclusive message from its president–Tony Chavonne. The first 100 or so of us received grab bags with little [much appreciated] gifts. Thanks for us to the Downtown Alliance and the host who welcomed us into their¬†homes [and granted my permission to take pictures]. THANKS!
Speaking of pictures–see those I took as a slide show.

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People I Meet ~ Mr. and Mrs. Clause and their reindeer [er, horses], 12/11

It is my distinct pleasure to more closely know Gary Sessoms & Tina Sutton [a.k.a. Mr. & Mrs. Clause] and some of their herd of horses.

Through pictures, we have become quite acquainted. I look forward to featuring them [and their beautiful horses] at some point in the future. Please stay tuned. THANKS Tina! –jaa

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Place ~ StreetScapes during the Candlelight Loft Tour, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 12/11

Street scenes from downtown Fayetteville, many photographed from condominiums at 300 Hay Street [ParkView] during last night’s Candlelight Loft Tour.

Flickr Album and my Loft Tour Article

Event ~ Candlelight Loft Tour, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 12/11

Sponsored by the Downtown Alliance

Rustic, bold, interesting, joyous, and stunning are all words to describe the residence [lofts] many of us visited this evening in Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina. Did I say BEAUTIFUL? The tour began at 5:00 pm and lasted until 8:00 pm. Yes, I took pictures [uploaded 150]. Thanks to the host families for inviting us into their homes and giving me permission to take pictures. Thanks also to Mr. Sam DuBose for his assistance.