Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY Shelf–Update], 12/31

Yes, I have been busy working two aspects of this DIY: 1) the “finishing” [stain & oil] of the tripod shelf; and 2) designing & building a waterproof shoulder to go from the SOLOSHOT3 to the ground–wood shelf [and anything thereon] protected.

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Nothing special about these iPhone photographs, except they document DIY progress over the last 2 days. My focus is two-fold: 1) the have a functional utility shelf that supports suspended weight to stabilize tripod if needed and that looks good; and, 2) to protect it and the tripod from precipitation and look good too.

My build is based on the premise that the SOLOSHOT3 Raincover has a bottom opening large enough to fit around the top of the collar [former safety cone]–approximately 7-inches. I think it does!

I am pleased with what I have accomplished in the last 36 hours or so. My plan is to apply 3 more coats of Tung Oil and complete the project sometime tomorrow, 10/01/2017.


Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY Shelf–Applying Stain], 12/29 & 12/30

Stain has been applied.

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I changed my mind on the type of finish for the tripod tray. I’ll use an orangish stain–Colonial Maple 223 by MinWax. We are keeping the grain versus covering it with orange paint. The picture to the right was taken this morning at 4:30 AM EST after the first coat of stain had dried.

I will apply one more coat of stain [because that is all I have] and then several coats of Tung Oil–The first at 9:30 PM Friday night, 12/30.

The second coat of stain makes the wood is slightly darker and perhaps “richer.” Of course lighting and camera position are factors, as well. Subsequent coats of Tung Oil should make the completed shelf more beautiful. I plan to wait 24-hours after each coat before applying the next. I have no reason to work faster. Again, stay tuned.

Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY Shelf–Build Complete], 12/29 @ 4:00 PM EST

Okay, Holes are cut, hooks & rings are in place, even a bag to drop thinks in.

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My red lens flashlight [a gift from the Artis Family] even has a place.  The grommets give the holes a more professional look. They have covers as well. I’ll have to find two 1″ grommets for the 2 bare holes. The bag for lens caps and other miscellaneous items.

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Next is final sanding, painting, and trimming [trim due 12/31]. I’ll place o-rings beneath the shelf around the grommets.

Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY Shelf–Evolving], 12/29 @ 6:00 AM EST

The 2 triangles are glued together & the eyelet for weight is in place.

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img_4860-cr2I have ordered a PVC/Aluminum Edge Trim that I think will give it a professional finished look. It is to arrive Saturday, 12/31. Later today I plan to cut several holes [using hole saws] and place grommets in most of them. 

Tonight, I plan to sand the shelf more and then prime it for painting. The 1st coat of paint [Marine Orange] may even be possible.

Stay tuned.

Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY Shelf–Evolving], 12/29

Well, the tripod shelf will be of 1/2″ plywood.

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I’ll call my early work yesterday [and featured above] a prototype–actually, the plastic triangle is serving as a template for the shelf I’m building. I cut 2 triangles from 1/4″ plywood and glued them together–cross-grained. This should give me sufficient rigidity to hold a 20# weight if I choose to anchor the tripod. camera-rollI sanded each side and the edges of the plywood; although, I want to use an edge guard of some type. It has to be flexible for the curves at the corners. I will probably cut holes 1″ and larger for associated gear. To finish the shelf, as much as I love the grains of wood, I think I’ll paint it Marine Orange [to match SOLOSHOT3]. The glue is to set for 24-hrs. before I sand it some more and start finishing the wood. Stay tuned…

Photography ~ Gear/Kit–Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 [DIY Shelf], 12/28

Added a DIY tripod shelf to the tripod for my SOLOSHOT3.

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I receive this tripod 11/29/2016. Today, I added the shelf you see, using tripod clamps to attach it to the legs. At this point, I think I will use angle iron as a frame beneath it. I want its strength and stability. I may add weight for a more stable tripod. Replacing the plastic with a wood triangle is also a possibility. One step at a time…

I placed a hook in the center of the tray to hang weights from–another reason to have a metal frame.

Photography ~ DJI Osmo Mobile 9-Picture Panorama [early morning–10/31], Virtual Reality, 12/27

Giving the virtual reality feature a go.

Play, then: Click & Drag