YBST ~ 4 of the 5, after lights out, as captured by one of my IP Cameras, 11/27

Most times, the basking area is empty when the aquatic habitat goes red for a couple of hours.

Such was not the case last night and to have 3 together at this time of day is also unusual. A 4th turtle can be seen at the 10-o’clock position. The Fiesty-Five continue to amaze.


Lighting: –Infrared

iPhonenography ~ Whisky16–Iron Horse Sculpture, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 11/26

The gallery below has 4 pictures render from the featured image using the iOS Whisky App.

I like most that I captured the street light across Maxwell Street through a hole in the horse sculpture’s neck as he looks back. The Whisky16 renderings accentuate lighting within the photographs. Refresh your browser to see a different photo placement.

I like images 1 & 4 best.

Photography ~ jalexartis–Flickr views since 11/25

With just over 60 hours after upload

2016-11-28_10-06-32-jaaI uploaded these at 9:20 pm, Friday night. Less one, they have 50+ views, with the featured image at 54. Thanks to any readers here who also viewed at Flickr. [my 2016 Flickr Album]