Entertainment ~ WIDU 2016 Anniversary Celebration–58 Years, 10/01-10/08

I am all geared up and ready to go.


This is a really BIG event, celebrated annually. I attended 2014 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I took pictures and interesting panoramas with my DSLR and iPhone 6 Plus. Saturday’s performances are rescheduled [November 17, 2016] because of Hurricane Matthew.


I ordered the Nanuk Case to carry my DJI Osmo Mobile and hoped to again capture good pictures and some video. I’ll now do so the 17th of next month. Stay safe this weekend as we face the storm. Until…


Photography ~ A case [by Nanuk] for my DJI Osmo Mobile, 10/07

It arrived today.

Now, with a secure way to store and transport the Osmo. I was so impressed with the Nanuk 910 Case for my gimbal that I had to have one. The Amazon.com price is reasonable.


FTC ~ Roof Rack–Rhino-Rack USA Vortex Trackmount Roof Rack [update], 10/07

I will be delighted to have the rack installed. It will happen…

Not yet, but soon!

Okay! I worked [unsuccessfully] many hours yesterday and today with various “hardened” drill bits in an effort to get through the #$@* roof above the cab. I have a small fortune invested in various drill bits. The seller thinks they should work; but, the do not.

I conferred with Rhino-Rack, Colorado again. Their chief installer called the parent company in Australia for a solution–use a 1mm Carbide Bit to drill a pilot hole and go larger from there up to the 5mm hole I need for the rivets. He also referred me to a local fabricator who may drill the holes for me. I called. They can see my Monday morning.

In spite of the woes, this will be done and the van will be just perfect. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.

Thanks to the crew at Rhino-Rack, Colorado

Photography ~ Focus & Lighting, 10/07

Last night–reflections. This morning, something slightly different.