Photography ~ Reflections, 10/06

It is time for something different!

Focus & Lighting

FTC ~ Roof Rack–Rhino-Rack USA Vortex Trackmount Roof Rack [I did not install the roof rack today.], 10/06

It was not to be…

img_2829-cr2The answer to the question is: No rack install today.

On their second try [Tuesday & Thursday], the technician at Leonard’s did not drill through the roof above the cab. Further, I was told Tuesday they had drilled through 2 holes–NOT! Just one! I am sorely disappointed with the outcome of their work. There are other problems; but, I will not write about them here.

I purchased Cobalt Bits which are supposed to be  tough. I tried for about 5 hours and also did not get through the roof. I must now penetrate 5 of the 6 roof holes above the cab.

Next, I will try Tungsten Carbide Cutting Bits. This may take a lot longer…