Technology ~ iPhone 7 Plus, 10/01

Ordered 09/09. Received 09/29.

Here, protected with its Bodyguardz case and glass screen protector, except for the single photo to show the beautiful Jet Black back. The picture does not show its brilliance. I like the new features, especially the camera. I am a beta tester for iOS 10.1 and can thereby experience pictures with an out of focus background, using the Camera App Portrait Mode. I have only taken a few. I will capture many more. Stay tuned…


FTC ~ Roof Rack–Rhino-Rack USA Vortex Trackmount Roof Rack [Not Installed Yet], 10/01

The roof above the cab is hardened, and that is good!

Good for roll-overs–not good if you are trying to penetrate it to install rails for a roof rack. To install the rail, I need to drill 9 holes for each rail–18 total. Six of them are above the cab area.

I began drilling Thursday after receiving the shipment. The first 6 were done in less than 15-minutes. I worked on the next 3 for about 5 hours–new drill [variable speed] included. No joy!!!

Today [Saturday], I drilled 6 holes for the nest rail and did not try the 3 above the cab. I called a rack installer. They are familiar with my plight; but, they cannot drill the 6 holes for me until Tuesday morning at 10:00 am.

Oh well…

Photography ~ DJI Osmo Mobile [Gimbal] & iPhone 7 Plus, 10/01

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Technology ~ iPhone 7 Plus & DJI Osmo Mobile, 10/01

An ideal marriage…