Photography ~ DJI Osmo Mobile 9-Picture Panorama [early morning], 10/31

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iPhonenography ~ Whisky16–Aquatic Habitat Area [After Dark] [Slideshow], 10/29

A slightly different look at night.

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Daylight Pictures

Photography ~ Sansevieria Trifasciata [Mother-in-Law’s Tongue]–Continuous Lighting, 10/29

Night shots of my Sansevieria Trifasciata–no flash.

Photography ~ Gear/Kit–DJI Osmo Mobile Tripod Alternative, 10/29

Fir a sturdier tripod, I use the mobile base with my Manfrotto tripod.

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When I want to travel lighter, I use my DJI tripod and Extention Rod.


iPhonenography ~ Whisky16–Aquatic Habitat Area [Slideshow], 10/29

An artsy presentation…

Working with Whisky16 once again. Last time, the NC State Fair.

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After Dark Pictures

Photography ~ Gear–Strobe Light Stand, 10/29

Lighting for the slides below.

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I used the strobe continuous light and the LED light at the center of the rig. The can at the end on the right holds water to counter-balance the boom. The boom allows me to get light close to my subject [the plants above] without the tripod feet being in the frame. The boom pics were taken with my iPhone 7 Plus. The flash fired.

Plants ~ Four Sansevierias Growing well, 10/29

It is rewarding to see plants respond to care.

September 25, 2016, I added 4 more Sans to the living room.


In just 34 days I see nice growth.