Home ~ Decorating–added more plants in the Living Room, 09/25

Four Sansevierias

These [sansevieria] are short and intended to complement the floor.

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14 thoughts on “Home ~ Decorating–added more plants in the Living Room, 09/25”

  1. These plants are so lovely inside that really attractive planter box. I need help with my avocado plant after looking at your Avocado ~Mercedes.. the leaves on mine are growing back nicely after all of them falling off.. But, they are a bit curled at the ends.. not turning brown again. I noticed your leaves are all straight and beautiful. What should my pH level be? Thanks in advance for your wisdom on these lovely plants… I’ll be doing a short post about mine and you can see what I mean tomorrow… Take care dear friend, Oh and the panoramas of inside is so lovely with the candles.. What type of music do you listen to in the evenings by candlelight. You’ve created such a lovely, peaceful environment …


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    1. Good [crisp] morning there in Canada.

      It is still warm and muggy here in the south. We have highs in 70s and lows in the 50s later this week.

      Your generous and kind with your words regarding my living area and plants. Thank you very much. As you know, I enjoy decorating. I’m always thing accents and colors to blend, without being “over the top.” I’m looking for silk greenery for my 2 Chinese Fish Bowls. I’ll have to make a trip to Jo-Anns or order from the Internet.

      As to Mercedes, my camera is fooling you. Some of my leaves curl at the ends. It is as if the ends do not grow at the same rate as the center of the leaf. My some of the leaves are also blotched. The ends of the curled ones tend to die and show brown. I think my feeding and sun my be more that the plan wants or needs. Nonetheless, as you see, I’ve had good growth for a year. On pH, I think neutral. I do not check. I am please with her look. She is not scheduled for pictures until 12/01–now quarterly. If she happens to be in a shot, oh well…

      On music, when I listen, oldies–R&B for the most part. in general, it is the babbling sound of the aquatic habitat, and indoor wind chimes [the striker moved by an electromagnet]. With or without music, the mood is quite relaxing. I attempt to capture some of it with my photography. Thanks for your observing eyes.

      I do not think I given you much to go on with your avocado. I hop mine survives the move indoors. It will get morning east sun and some afternoon [southwest] sun from the windows beside the turtles. We will see what her growth is in December.

      Take care there in Ontario. Post some snow pictures soon. I’ll just have to hope…

      Bye for now.


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      1. Thank you Jim, for your comments back .. At least your beautiful plant is behaving in the same manner as mine, and your plant is amazing.. I will try not to worry now about mine, too much more and just enjoy its beauty. You have the most entertaining way about your home design, and I could only wish to attain 1/4 of your talents. I’m more on the hodgepodge style of too many things that I am now trying to rid .. Lots of my grandparents things and items from my children that I must display, so I’ll relax by visiting your beautiful pictures of your abode and wish for just a little of the same here… It’s really getting cold, but watch for a short video I’m working on right now of this mornings sunrise, with an added treat.. My camera filming I wish was better, but my hands were cold .. I have to borrow my daughters tripod if I continue to make videos. Steady as you go type of thing.. Take care , Laura

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          1. I just made a short visit to Jo-Ann’s site and I can see where you get some of your wonderful ideas there.. I will stay tuned to your blog for continued beauty inside of your lovely home.. And, don’t forget the turtles.. I do so love seeing them…

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            1. Thanks! Actually, my ideas are within. I shop at Jo-Ann’s because it is close and offer discounts. I go there to find what is already in my head.

              I have finished the two bowls. Now, to take pictures with my DSLR. I took snaps with my iPhone.

              Are you on FB?

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              1. The turtles are up again in about 3 weeks. I do not want to over-sell. Happy that you enjoy my turtle work. I’m hoping for something special this time. I know you are waiting and you have calendared it. I’ll be waiting to see what you think…

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