Photography ~ From the 5th Level of the Fayetteville North Carolina Parking Deck–Sunrise, 09/20

The sunrise that wasn’t.

The radiance of the sun was not to be seen at 7:05 am, nor anytime shortly thereafter. I checked the skies before leaving home and could see the moon as clouds drifted before it. I thought a cloud enhances sunrise may be possible–NOT!img_2698-cr2Then, there was another factor. That of being told to leave because I was “loitering.” Sun or no sun, I moved on as told.

I do not know who the man is who told me I was in voilation of a policy, except he wore a shirt that had printed on it Fayetteville Ambassador. He says “people” are not to be on the 5th level, unless they park there and that by special parking ticket. There is a gate controlling auto access to the 5th deck. He pointed to signs that say no loitering. I do not think a photographer taking pictures is loitering.
gerund or present participle: loitering
  1. stand or wait around idly or without apparent purpose.
I told the man who approched me that a Fayetteville police officer told me to come here to take pictures. The officer had done so. He said the offices is wrong. I moved on.
There was no sun to see anyway. I have seen at least 20 people on the 5th deck since my first night there–September 17th. One guy was taking pictures also. He climbed onto the ledge. Signs say do not do that. I have seen many doing so. The 5th deck seems to be a lover’s hangout.
Fayetteville does not have a lot on places for unique pictures. I think this is one. No more, I guess???

I will go to the Fayetteville Parking Service, who operates the Franklin Street Parking Deck, to ask about a photographer’s permit. This follows

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3 thoughts on “Photography ~ From the 5th Level of the Fayetteville North Carolina Parking Deck–Sunrise, 09/20”

  1. After my “sunrise” experience [described in this article] with a Fayetteville Ambassador, I paid a visit with the Fayetteville Parking Service Manager to ask if it is possible to obtain a permit to take photographs from the 5th deck. Short answer–No [for reasons of liability and safety]. She listened. We discussed the matter for just over an hour.

    The Fayetteville Ambassadors are the individuals who issue parking tickets. The blue shirt people I saw on the deck are the same, but the night crew. I was never close enough to read their shirts. The appeared to be on a social outing.

    She was a bit surprised at my observation from Saturday through this morning. She said the police officer should not have been there taking pictures and likewise should not have suggested I do so. The ambassador who approached me this morning was wrong to say I could take pictures from the 4th level. She sees their signage can be improved.

    She will consider my suggestions. A permit, as a revenue stream, albeit small, may be considered, especially for short durations. I told her I will take the issue to my elected representative. She concurs. To a degree, the question is a photographer’s First Amendment right to photograph public places. The question is, can public facilities be used as a vista to do so. I think yes. This town has no other such place.

    I have more follow-up. Please stay tuned…

    James A Artis


  2. They need to just put up a sign .. ” At Your Own Risk..” and be done with it.. That is so silly to not allow folks up there for fear of a law suit I suppose.. Take care, and so sorry that happened while you were trying to take a beautiful picture..



    1. I agree with you. This story is not at its end. The parking manager may come around or my city councilman may help through the council and thereby, city government. I hope, I’ll be able to share more interesting photographs from there. Thank you, Laura. Take care and keep your pictures coming. –jim

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