Vehicle ~ FTC–Scosche StuckUp holds my Smartphone, 09/16

This works for me!

Rather than my iPhone laying on the center console or passenger seat, it’s in a Scosche Mount [a StuckUp] purchased at a local Walmart. The mounting is functional and looks good too. My charging cable reaches it, should I need to charge the phone.

Storm ~ Lightning Damage–07/30 Thunderstorm, Fayetteville, North Carolina,Update, 09/16

I suspect another damaged piece of electronics–my AT7T Micro Cell.

I noticed my iPhone no longer uses the AT&T Microcell for a stronger signal. On troubleshooting and conferring [09/11] with AT&T, we determined it is not working. I wonder if it died, as many other pieces of electronics died as a result of lightning 07/30.


The larger box is the one that stopped working. I received the smaller one, AC Adapter, & LAN Cable today. There is signal joy again.


I received a new Microcell [M-Cell] today–installed. Once again, I have a stronger signal [see the upper left-hand corner of the featured image] in the house and yard.


Gardening ~ Sansevieria Trifasciata [Mother-in-Law’s Tongue] Repotted, 09/15

After at least 5 years in the pot I bought it in. It was large then.

I hope I can continue to see the happy plant [even blooming] that I saw over the years with this Sansevieria in its new home. We saw it yesterday introducing my van’s license plate.

Dining ~ Bonefish Grill, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 09/15

This is a DELIGHTFUL place to dine.

Photography ~ First Baptist Church, Old Street, Fayetteville, NC, just before sunset, 09/15

Cross Creek Linear Park, between Green and Ann Streets.