Technology ~ iOS 10 on my iPhone 6S Plus Impressions, 09/14

So far, an exceptional experience!

After a “bad” install in this phone yesterday, it is indeed a pleasure to use iOS 10. I have yet to find a feature that¬†I do not like or that really bothers me. I read of some that others do not like. Maybe over-time I will, but, not yet. Today, I worked with many settings. I will say, that if one is not careful, personal information can be seen outside the lock screen–beware! Here are a few ScreenGrabs, albeit like iOS 9.3.5, except for the fuzzy background¬†when a group is in the foreground.

I like the screen animations–Live Wallpaper. They have been available since the 6S & 6S Plus. Now, I await the iOS 10 experience on my iPhone 7 Plus. I do not yet have a delivery date it.