Avocado [Mercedes] ~ Progress Update, 09/01

Now, a year old, I will do quarterly updates for the next year.

This is the last of the monthly Mercedes updates. This avocado continues to grow. She has dropped more leaves over the last month than earlier in the summer. She has experienced some stress due to our extreme heat. I hope I can continue to have success with her during the fall and winter. I’ll do my best.


Photography ~ The Calm before the Storm, 09/01

After shooting and processing Brandon’s 12th Birthday Party Pictures, it was off to the beach.

My pictures were taken at Wrightsville Beach–near the Johnnie Mercer Pier, near Wilmington, North Carolina. I wanted to capture the sunrise over the ocean. The were a few small cells off shore that added to the composition. Tomorrow’s storm [Hermine], with a forecast of over 7-inches of rain, will likely be more overcast and of course windy. Here are some of my snaps from this morning. See more here.

Family ~ Brandon Alex Artis [Grandson]–Birthday Party Pictures, 08/31/2016

This is a strong, talented kid, with LOTS of personality. Love you Brandon!!!

I love my 4 grandchildren. –Grandpa James