Technology ~ Thinkware F770–What do the beeps mean? 08/30

I received an answer to my Thinkware F770 support request.

 Monday, 08/29, I asked:

I want to know what the various beeps I hear mean. I know it is not a lane change warning because of my speed. I do not find them in my manual. Thanks!



In reply, 08/30, I received:

Hi James,

Thank you for contacting Thinkware Dash Cam. Although this is a F750 video, please watch this video to identify the alerts of the F770 as they share the same alerts:

  • LDWS notification at 0:31
  • FCWS notification at 0:39
  • Speed cam/red light cam notification at 0:49
  • Average speed zone alert at 0:52

The only alert that was not identified in this video was this referring to the dash cam switching from continuous to incident recording.

To lower the frequency of these notifications, you can lower the sensitivity of these two features as well as the impact sensitivity. You can adjust these settings on your app by going to “record settings” and changing the “cont. sensitivity” for the impact sensitivity and “Road safety settings” to change the LDWS and FCWS speed. Similarly, you can lower the volume of these notifications in “System settings”.

We hope this helps. Please feel free to contact us again if you encounter any other issues.

Kind regards,

Given this, I want English Alerts as heard in parts of the video. My feedback is being passed on.

Technology ~ DIY–Thinkware F770 Installation–Cellink B (the Battery) [Mod 09], 08/30

Neatly tucked away.

Power for the headliner & cargo area accent lighting and Cellink Battery for the Thinkware F770 DashCam pass through the area beneath the passenger seat. They are all grounded there too. The connections are soldered and covered with heat-shrink tubing. The wiring is then placed in split-loom tubing. I think the project is functional and looks neat.

I’d rather not have to switch the dash camera on/off versus its state being controlled by the ignition switch. I have not found a place to make that happen. Maybe one day…