Technology ~ Thinkware F770 & CellLink B arrived yesterday, 08/24

Crushed, but okay.

Camera RollI had hoped for delivery earlier in the day. I called Chris to cancel my appointment and take the installation on as a DIY. He was with a customer. I hope we chat later today.

I have the system working [97%]. Power for the Cellink may be an issue. I’ll call BlackBoxMyCar later today. The power source is to only be on when the ignition is in the accessory position. I’m just not seeing and hearing what I think I should.

Nonetheless, I am pleased. The video is SUPER!

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One thought on “Technology ~ Thinkware F770 & CellLink B arrived yesterday, 08/24”

  1. I have NOT found a switched [accessory] power point I can use for the Cellink battery, except the ignition fuse I used with a fuse jumper.

    I do not know if using it caused the non-starting of the van that required it being towed for service and cost me $126.20 or if it was the headliner & cargo area accent lighting wiring that the Ford Service Technician RIPPED out.

    Regardless, I rewired both.

    The Dash Cam gets its power from the front cigar lighter, with a 15 amp fuse. The van uses a 20 amp fuse on that circuit. If the Cellink battery draws a more than 15 amps, I want that fuse to blow before the car fuse.

    I now use a lit switch to turn power on/off for the Cellink battery.

    It took a long time–Thursday until Sunday to rewire and work without any possibility of a car-stoppage as before. It was also expensive. The cost of the accent lighting and the Ford Service Fee. I do not place blame. It is my car and I fixed it.



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