2016 Ford Transit Connect LWB XLT–Mod 7B [Cargo Area Light Problem Solved], 08/16

An elegant solution to a perplexing problem.

Did I say , PERPLEXING? There are many frustrated Ford truck and van owners who want control over their cargo light. My FTC has a 3-LED Cargo Light that [use to] come on when any door was opened and remain on for approximately 10 minutes, as long as a door stayed open. Opening another door caused the cycle repeated itself.

I accepted this until my cargo area accent lighting was installed. I’d have to wait for the light to go off to take pictures or incorporate the light in the photograph. I plan to use the van with a large screen monitor for client photo review–particularly after dark.  “Dome light on” is NOT acceptable!I devised a solution this morning after finally removing the 3-LED Light. I cut one of the wires on the back of the light and inserted a SPST switch in series with that side of the light. If you will, one side has a longer wire with a switch in the middle.

I mounted the rocker-switch in the wall near the passenger-side sliding door. I had to increase the hole to a bit over 3/4″ using a step drill bit. Overall, I think this solution is neat and functional.

Author: jalexartis

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