2016 Ford Transit Connect LWB XLT–Mod 7A, 08/15

Another van DIY Project.

This time, I am adding a reflective wall for the cargo area accent lighting to hide the bulkhead mounting screws at the top [picture above]. I purchased one 12″ tile and cut it in thirds, placing each strip on a 4″x 1/4″ x 32″ board. I used a tile adhesive to cement the tiles to the board.To finish it, I’ve painted the back black. I needed a 4.5″ tall board; but, did not want to rip a board to that size. Instead, I’ll use a 1.5″ x 3/4″ board to raise the tile wall. It is also painted black. I have to cut 3 tiles in half to fill openings at both ends of the wall.

Next, I will fill the space between tiles with black silicone. That should be interesting because of the horizontal and vertical lines. I choose silicone versus grout because it will not harden/crack. Stay tuned…

Storm ~ Lightning Damage–07/30 Thunderstorm, Fayetteville, North Carolina [claim settled]

I expect a deposit today.

I will be paid for each item damaged and the diagnostic charge to assess damage to the Xbox One. I have replaced the Ethernet and HDMI Switches.

2016 Ford Transit Connect LWB XLT–Mod Update, 08/15

After 2 weeks & 4 days [received 07/28]…


  1. Bulkhead–COMPLETED, 08/04 [Story, 1st cmt.–a doozy!]
  2. Painted door panels–COMPLETED, 08/04
  3. Window wind deflectors–COMPLETED, 08/04
  4. 4′ x 6′ Rug–COMPLETED, 08/05
  5. Bike Transport Rig–COMPLETED, 08/14
  6. Graphics–COMPLETED, 08/10
  7. Accent Lighting–COMPLETED, 08/13 [except, there is much more to come. Pictures with the current lighting effect are in the linked article.]
  8. Window tinting–Scheduled of 08/18
  9. Dash Camera [2 channel]–I hope to order soon.
  10. Roof Rack–No one has found non-commercial racks or rails for this van
  11. Side Rails–No one has found running boards or side rails for this van