2016 Ford Transit Connect LWB XLT–Updates, 08/12

A few events happened today. Three are scheduled for tomorrow. The focus is the Bike Rig.

Completed Today:

  1. Ordered personalized license [PHOTOS] plate at the Eutaw DMV.
  2. Received the 2 wheel tray straps.
  3. Sanded the bike-rig wood.
  4. Applied 2 coats of MINWAX Ebony Stain.
Raw wood, then 1st & 2nd stains
Raw wood, then 1st & 2nd stains

Planned for tomorrow:

  1. Apply another coat of stain.
  2. Have accent lighting installed in the van
  3. Apply 1st coat of MINWAX Fast-Drying Clear Satin Polyurethane Tung Oil.