Transportation ~ 2016 Ford Transit Connect LWB XLT–Mod 06 [Choices], 08/05

I think this mod will be up next and I hope it is soon.

Mark Averitt, Image Graphics, does exceptional work with all of his graphics. His automobile work is renown. I have asked him the following:

The album has 17 pictures from which I want you to select the pictures you think best for the van side panels. Please use the number of pictures and size them to best fit the windows area we looked at. I included 17 pictures so you have sufficient pictures from which to choose. I respect your judgement. You may place “jalexartis photography—910-488-6750” beneath the side panels on both sides of the van.

I do not know if these work for Mark and which or how many he will choose. I am excited to know…

Footnote: Mark has done 2 other jobs for me; 2 business vans and Fargo.