Transportation ~ 2016 Ford Transit Connect LWB XLT–Mods 01-03, 08/05

Today was a busy one–bulkhead, door panels, & wind deflectors.


  1. Bulkhead [See 1st comment for the story. It’s a doozy!]
  2. Painted door panels
  3. Window wind deflectors

I am most pleased with the painted [former beige] door panels [pictured above] and the wind deflectors [not clearly visible in these pics]. They give the van that “cool” look. The bulkhead is another story [see my cmt], yet I like its painting. More mods to come…


Author: jalexartis

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One thought on “Transportation ~ 2016 Ford Transit Connect LWB XLT–Mods 01-03, 08/05”

  1. Okay, for the story: For months, I have reviewed, planned, and selected, the bulkhead I wanted for this vehicle. My focus was safety, security, climate control, and appearance. To meet that focus I wanted a vinyl piece, with a polycarbonate window for rear-view.

    My dealer found a local installer who installs bulkheads, but metal and with a polycarbonate window. Okay–I give…

    Installation is set for Thursday. I visit the installer on Wednesday and believe we are good on all the items: the painting of the [special order with the polycarbonate window] bulkhead, the door panels, and installation of the wind deflectors. There was a question on the wind deflectors. The matter was clarified. I leave thinking all is well.

    I get a call around 11:30 saying my van is ready. I ask how the bulkhead looks and I’m told it looks good.

    I arrive and immediately see the bulkhead has a wire grid–NOT WHAT I WANTED!

    I am disappointed and not happy…

    I am told to bring the van back tomorrow for the bulkhead that was ordered for me to be installed. I accept that, but not happily.

    I get how and closely look at their work. Work that concerns me. I’d rate it 90%–maybe A- or B+. I decided to keep what I have rather than risk more work that I may not be satisfied with. The color of the bulkhead is excellent. I have some touch-up to do, but I like how the color looks in the van.

    I inform the Crown Ford sales manager, my salesman, and the installer of my decision. Of course, they all say I can have what I wanted. hey, I remember my Catrike [Silk Faring].

    Anyway, it is not what I wanted; but, it is what I have.

    This is my story, and I’m sticking with it…


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