Storm ~ Lightning Damage–07/30 Thunderstorm, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Here we go again…

Pictures of the inside of a Manhattan 560702 Gigabit Ethernet Switch.Switch Lightning Damage

The first two pictures are of the top of the PCB and the case cover. The last two are the underside of the PCB and the case bottom. The surge from the lightning came in on the ethernet cable plugged in that slot. The damaged chip is the one where you see 8 burned soldering points. Smoke from the burned chip can clearly be seen on the inside of the bottom of the case. I suspect the component at the other end of that cable is damage as well. The switch no longer comes on. It makes a high-frequency sound when the AC adapter is plugged in.

Damaged Components within my home as of 8:38 pm, 07/31:

  1. 03:22 am: So far, I have 2 [of 3] damaged cable TV set-top boxes, a damaged HDMI Splitter, and a damaged Gigabyte Switch. Waiting for daylight for outside assessment.
  2. 04:00 am: I am not able to make a wireless connection to my Linksys WRT1900AC Dual Band Smart Wi-Fi Wireless AC Router (2.4 + 5GHz)
  3. 18:04 pm: Xbox One with Kinect–also dead.

Time Warner Cable is to replace the 2 damaged set-top boxes Tuesday morning, 08/02.

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