Aquatic Habitat ~ Basking Stones & Now, a Beach and White Water, 07/24

The pictures tell 4 stories…

Two days ago, I moved one the large stones in position for an additional basking location. (1) Early this morning [~ 3:00-5:30 am] I created a “beach” behind the new basking spot, using about 95 pounds of playground sand [visible in several pictures].(2) A basking turtle did not bolt [they do that for protection] when I came into the room [several times]. He/She [I think Fannie] continued to bask and permitted close-up iPhone pictures. I had my hand in front of her face.

Eventually, she slid into the water as (3) I put in a replacement pump for the defective [noisy] fountain pump that drove the frog’s stream. Now, the frog delivers a stream so strong that I’m calling it white-water.  The turtles have always had a fascination with the water flow, and now even more so because of the force of the current. As best I can judge, they are in a “Happy Place” and are turtles sublime with their habitat. I am pleased…

(4) Given the sand, the water is murky! I hope it clears in 36-48 hours. I need to clean my filter, as well. That is about it. Stay tuned…

That is about it. Stay tuned…

Stay tuned…




Author: jalexartis

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2 thoughts on “Aquatic Habitat ~ Basking Stones & Now, a Beach and White Water, 07/24”

  1. Oh my these are great pictures of the turtles, I can almost hear them now, saying weeeeeeeee …. I love the big picture with all of the air bubbles around one of the turtles little head.. so cute.. thank you so much for continuing to share their lives with us.. Take care, Laura

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