Photography/Technology ~ Xsories Weye Feye, 07/05

Another piece of kit. This replaces the Cam Ranger I had planned to get.

1391007526000_1025800 weye Fey…for $99.99 versus $299.99 and with functions I can live with especially for $200 less.Yes, the CamRanger has more functions and is “pricey.” I found this jewel [Weye Feye] while searching for alternatives for remote DSLR control. Its price is down from $250.

To buy or not to buy, [you know the rest].

After reading several reviews, seeing the savings, and my desire to photograph remote from the camera, I decided to buy.

I ordered it last Thursday but had to wait until today [Tuesday, 07/05] for delivery by UPS. At least, I did not have to wait until 9:04 pm as I did last Friday night for items with an estimated delivery windows of 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. Thanks for that!

I am known for making modifications to equipment I use. So, why not with the Weye Feye. I removed the orange cover and used velcro to attach it to a mount on my tripod leg–works for me.

My initial tests are all positive. I can operate from my B&W Room with the camera, etc. in the area of my turtles. BTW, expect some cool DSLR shots with this setup.

The white device below the Weye Feye is an Avantek Portable Charger that I can use to extend the Weye Feye’s 8-hour battery life for time-lapse photography that last a looong time [like when I finally have the 2 pine trees in the front yard removed]. Anyway, my gear will be ready to capture the occasion.

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