Photography/Technology ~ Sunwayfoto Ballhead and ProMediaGear L-Bracket, 07/01

USPS delivered the Ballhead early [~10:30 am] and UPS delivered my packages LATE [~9:04 pm]. Nonetheless…

See comment for details…

Author: jalexartis

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One thought on “Photography/Technology ~ Sunwayfoto Ballhead and ProMediaGear L-Bracket, 07/01”

  1. I have added two pieces of gear to my camera kit–a Sunwayfoto XB-44 Ballhead and a ProMediaGear Canon 6D BG-E13 L-Bracket.

    The ballhead replaces my tripod head which sometimes would slip in the vertical plane. It was old and in need of replacement. I have been looking a ballheads for well over 5 years. Now, finally, I have one. It also uses an Arca-Swiss Quick Release Clamp which I needed for the L-Bracket.

    An L-Bracket allows a camera to be moved from landscape to portrait orientation and vice-versa without having to reframe the picture.

    I benefited from both at the Century Birthday Celebration, Saturday, 07/02. I made the purchases last Wednesday for the Saturday shoot. I should gain in speed between shots. With a ballhead, one can track their subject. Over time, I will become intimately familiar with the complete kit.

    I am a happy photographer [I was not real happy when I took these].


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