Avocado [Mercedes] ~ 07/01 Progress Update

Not taller, but wider and fuller…

Last month I said:

Mercedes is now 35″ tall–up 8″ from the 27″ I measured last. There are at least 10 new leaf pods. She is/will be fuller. I’ve got to keep a constant eye for pests and try to encourage new growth. No leaves have been dropped since the plant has been outside.

Indeed, she is fuller and with another set of leaves growing. She dropped about 3 leaves and looks quite healthy. Changing the shoot, I decided yesterday that I would do the July shoot inside with lighting.

I think the results are okay. I need to work more with my lighting to achieve results that are more pleasing. So much for now. An August set is next and then quarterly thereafter. Thanks for your interest.


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6 thoughts on “Avocado [Mercedes] ~ 07/01 Progress Update”

  1. oh my what a lovely healthy plant.. mine lost all the leaves in the Winter (indoors) but I left it alone and hoped for the best.. It began again in March and now has many more leaves.. But, my question to you is ~ How do you encourage the plant to grow more leaves?
    Mine is all stalk with leaves at the very top.. Take care, Laura

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    1. I think plenty of light, preferably sunlight, although it does not like strong mid-day sun. The leave will appear to wilt. I mist the leaves and I feed the plant–some fish emulsion and Epsom Salt. I’m expecting new leaves at the top during July. All, in all–I nurture it and try to understand what is is telling me. BTW, I had leaf-drop inside. That under a grow-light. The best with yours.

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        1. Sun is much better than any grow-light. On food–about a tablespoon per gallon. I can be less. I water it about one a week because of the heat. I watch its “arms.” I give it about 3 gallons of water to flush the soil, even with food in it.

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