Photography ~ Facebook– June 2016 Photo-a-Day Challenge–Day 30

June’s last Prompt: Perfume

Gardenia–my grandmother’s favorite… I love its fragrance!

Gardenia is a beautiful decorative shrub with fragrant white flowers. It is named after American botanist Dr. Alexander Garden. It grows in the Far East, in India and China. Like jasmine, it is traditionally added to the tea. Gardenia symbolizes love, harmony, and grace. Unfortunately, none of the attempts to produce a natural essential oil were successful, so in the perfume industry, it is only possible to be used as a dry flower extract, a synthetic analogue, or by mixing other essential oils that emulate the natural scent of gardenia. Intensive sweet floral, silky aroma of gardenia is similar to the scent of jasmine and as much exciting.


Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

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