Photography ~ Lighting–Making the Snoot Better, 06/24

It began with an adapter to mount the snoot to the strobe light. Now, more…

I now have a function and controllable low lighting device. It had a more basic beginning.

I had to go back to to order a SoaringE New 95mm Mount to Bowens Mounts Ring Studio Adapter to connect the Snoot to the C-180 Strobe Light. Neewer Customer Support was of no help. I found the adapter I needed through my research. I was surprised they did not know of an adapter to connect their snoot to their strobe light. I received a call-back 06/17, as promised 2 days earlier.


Then, there’s today

Author: jalexartis

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4 thoughts on “Photography ~ Lighting–Making the Snoot Better, 06/24”

  1. The genesis of this modification is that the original gels [colored polyureathane] did not stand up to the heat of the continuous model light. They would crinkle. A white disk I used with the Newton’s Cradle Shoot was discolored by the red gel behind it.

    The snoot is 58mm. My filters that size do not go in the 58mm tube. My solution is to put a threaded ring at the front of the snoot and use a white balance lens cap to reduce light intensity. It is simple an opaque piece for light to pass through.

    I use plumbers tape to securely hold the 52-58mm step-up ring in place.

    I have what I want. I’m delighted!!!



    1. The lenses are the following colors: blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, & yellow. I am not using them as “filters;” but glass to color the light from the strobe.


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