Photography ~ DIY Lighting–Back-light or Mood Lighting, 06/15

Prompted by Monday’s Photo-a-Day Challenge: “In my trash bag.” The lighted pink packing peanuts seem to glow red in the dark–like burning embers.

Well, it was not just the challenge, but also the need for additional photography lighting. Meeting the prompt evolved to what I’m about to show you. For now, I’ll hold my comments on the Photo-a-Day picture for Monday, Day 20. Anyway…

The gallery pictures above are not in any particular order. They are random, refresh your browser to see a different mosaic.

I used two 18″ round boards; two 1-in Dia Galvanized Floor Flange Fittings; one 30″ 1-in Dia pipe; one 24-foot rope light; one roll  19 gauge, 3 ft x 10 ft, hardware cloth; 9/16″ T-50 Staples; and, 4.5 cubic ft. bags of pink packing peanuts.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

2 thoughts on “Photography ~ DIY Lighting–Back-light or Mood Lighting, 06/15”

  1. My local UPS store had green and white packing peanuts. I think the gree n would give a deep green appearance and the white a warm yellow-orange look.

    I have a bicycle tube on each end to give it a more finished look. I may put a 24″ round board on each end to hide the stapling and give a more finished look.

    I have taken many test pictures the last 2 days and may publish some this weekend.

    Stay tuned…



  2. The image in the lower right corner of the collage shows what the light looks like with directed light shining on it. In this case, it is a green light. At some point, I will add a dimmer switch to control the light intensity.



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