Blog ~ IP Cameras Support Request, 04/17 [update, 05/10]

For some reason, my IP Cameras no longer show in my blog. I submitted a support request and never received a reply. The request has been closed. I will contact a WordPress.Com Supervisor. Depending on the problem, I may or may not be able to have them available again. I am sorry…

Author: jalexartis

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2 thoughts on “Blog ~ IP Cameras Support Request, 04/17 [update, 05/10]”

  1. Chat Session:

    jalexartis I have 3 outstanding support requests that were not responded to. 1) .page-link numbers after Class Sharedaddy–BAD 2) Blog IP Camera Stream 3) Stats–Reader is not my friend… They were closed after several weeks–no reply or explanation at all. I have been here near 8 years and I pay your premium fee. I am confused [and dissapointed] to have my request acted on in this manner. Not giving a response to a support request is unacceptable! I want to speak with a supervisor. please call me at 910-488-6750. Thank you! James A Artis

    Alex G. Hi there 🙂
    Alex G. Thanks for all the detail, one moment so I can read your full message.
    Alex G. Okay, let’s work through each of these, one-by-one.

    Alex G. Could you explain a bit more what you mean by “.page-link numbers after Class Sharedaddy”
    Alex G. Are you trying to add sharing counts to your sharing buttons or something like that?
    Alex G. James, are you still there?
    jalexartis The explanation is explained in detail in my blog article.
    jalexartis I’d rather you take the time to read what I posted.
    Alex G. Okay, well I’d like to help you with any issue here in the chat. Could you give me a link with the issue of “.page-link numbers after Class Sharedaddy”
    Alex G. At the moment I just don’t understand what you’re referring to
    jalexartis My CONCERN is why the topics were closed and nothing to me. At this point, problem resolution is not my focus.
    Alex G. Oh, had you posted in the Forums on these issues? Rather than email/chat support?
    jalexartis Sharedaddy:
    jalexartis I posted the details in the forums
    Alex G. Okay, I’ve looked up your forums account and see the posts that went unanswered.
    jalexartis I spent the time to give a complete question in the last 2 support request.
    jalexartis I have not used chat. Today is the first time.
    Alex G. Sorry for delay in help, but we have very few staff working in the forums and many threads end up not getting reply.
    Alex G. Since you have upgrades with us
    Alex G. You can receive support over email or chat instead
    jalexartis I see my request sit and then be closed. WHY???
    Alex G. Where we have more staff
    Alex G. All forum threads close after so many days without a comment
    Alex G. To avoid spammers
    Alex G. No one manually closed those threads
    jalexartis These were submitted before my premium status. I still deserve a response!
    Alex G. I’ll be happy to examine them and provide a response for you over email.
    Alex G. That way you do not have to wait here on the chat while I understand the entirety of the issues
    jalexartis Then, there is a PROBLEM with the algorithm that closes them.
    jalexartis email is preferred!
    Alex G. is the email on your account, is that still a good place for me to reach you with responses to these issues?
    jalexartis Get me at
    jalexartis Yes, it is!
    Alex G. Great, I will examine each of these three forum threads and respond to you over email later today
    jalexartis My greatest concern beyond no response are my IP Cameras. They worked for years and just stopped one day. I can access the cameras in edit mode and with other software. I know the work. The blog no longer shows them.
    jalexartis Thanks Alex. I am Alex also.
    Alex G. I’ll make sure to look at the IP cameras issue first then 🙂
    jalexartis The answers do not have to come today. I am patient to a point. I am sorely disappointed that it has come to this!
    jalexartis Thanks for giving primacy to my IP cameras.
    Alex G. Happy to do what I can 🙂 I apologize for the situation in our forums
    jalexartis “Okay, I’ve looked up your forums account and see the posts that went unanswered.” GREAT!
    jalexartis We [bloggers] need to know to use the forums last. TheSacredPath is always exceptionally good and has helped me.I think he is your best!
    Alex G. Yes, he’s pretty awesome 🙂
    jalexartis There are others who help as well. To not get answers is a REAL problem for me!
    jalexartis Anyway, enough from me for now. Thanks Alex!!!
    Alex G. We keep the forums for a few reasons, but in general we just don’t have the staff to respond to every thread. But since you said you only had the free account at the time, that would’ve been your only option.
    Alex G. So I see why you would be frustrated to not get an answer
    Alex G. But I’ll do my best to look at the issues now 🙂
    jalexartis Looking at my history, I have gotten answers in the past–most helpful.
    jalexartis Free deserve a reply [also].
    jalexartis I’m done…
    Alex G. I’ll see you over email 🙂
    jalexartis Okay. BTW, I published this before the chat. My readers deserve to hear from me. Thanks again.


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