Aquatic Habitat ~ Outdoor–Refining, 04/21

Author: jalexartis

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One thought on “Aquatic Habitat ~ Outdoor–Refining, 04/21”

  1. Today, Thursday, was full of habitat activity.

    I began by filling the “pool” with water–added a log.

    Following, the Skink paid a visit. Apparently, not traumatized by his experience yesterday. He did not venture to the makeshift pond. Is that because it has water of fear of being captive again?

    Next, I added lighting: 4 lamps and blinking lights for the umbrella. I wonder how often they will be turned on?

    Let’s have a warm room. Will it work? I put my seedling heating pad inside the “tunnel.” It is at the ceiling so the turtles are safer. I am testing now to see if the ambient temperature is raised. The rocks and stones are to collect the day’s heat and radiate it at night–passive heating. The rocks & stoned also camouflage the black half-drum.

    Last, a few near dark shots for effect. I have to buy bulbs from Lowe’s for the post lamps. I think I will add a red LED, if I can find one, to the tunnel.

    Hey, that’s a wrap.

    Rain Friday & Saturday…


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