Aquatic Habitat ~ This time outdoors, 04/20

Saturday, 04/23, I will have had the turtles for one-year. To mark the occasion , two days ago [after telling Anthony Martin I have not decided on how I plan to make the photo shoot unique] I decided to build a 2nd Aquatic Habitat. Here is a collage of images after completing most of the repurposing. I spent no money for items you see.

Camera RollNow, the question is: Will the turtles cooperate? This will be new for them and for me. Rain is in our forecast for Friday and Saturday. Nonetheless, I have potential here.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

One thought on “Aquatic Habitat ~ This time outdoors, 04/20”

  1. I am very pleased that to this point, I have not spent a penny, nor need transportation to get anything. All the items you see have been repurposed. Key to the construction is the polyurethane 55-gal. drum the I split in half for a small pool and a tunnel.

    Also, the raised vegetable bins [2 of them], with the tunnel, that give me 70 sq, ft. of habitat. I have included hiding places. My hope is they adapt to the change quickly and benefit from sunlight and fresh air. They will have less water for swimming. I have mainly for the to cool off.


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