Photography ~ Special Macro Lighting, 04/17

All the way from China…

Used in a recent shoot

Purchased from Venus Optics in Anhui, China.


Photography ~ Pyracantha & Spider, Macro Photos, 04/17

Featured image, with a special macro flash

Contact Sheet ~ Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 04/17 Photo Shoot

As of 03:30 am EDT, 04/19, reordered for a 4-column width.

The views are after about 36 hours of viewing. 2016-04-19_3-36-34 0417 photoshoot reordered

Blog ~ .page-link numbers after Class Sharedaddy–BAD, 04/18

I have asked support for resolution using their forums.

This issue at the Forums

2016-04-19_3-18-57 Page numbers exampleI have read several threads where bloggers ask if page links [after Related Post/Sharedaddy in my blog] can be moved to a more findable position for readers.

The basic answer is NO!

There must be a better way. Using Custom CSS and the code below, I have positioned the page links where I want them for this post.

.page-links {position: relative; top: -413px;} /*adj. after removing space */

This works on each page, once the post is open. The exact same position each time.

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