Photography/Technology ~ Canon Battery Grip BG-E13, 04/01

FINALLY! I have waited over 6 months to buy this…

51nX4tRx6TL._SX300_For me, this has been a long time in coming! Thanks to a recent photo shoot, I used a portion of those earning to place the order early Friday morning. It is to arrive Sunday, 04/03.

So, what is a Canon Battery Grip? It is:

Large Capacity Ergonomic Battery Grip for Canon EOS 6D DSLR,Powered by up to two Battery Pack LP-E6, six AA-size/LR6 batteries, or optional AC Adapter Kit ACK-E6,Shutter Button, Main Dial, Multi-Controller, AF Point Selection Button, AE lock/FE lock Button, AF Start Button, and Multi-function button

Why a battery grip? Well, I have a much longer job shoot, without having to exchange batteries. The will give me the ability to also use AA batteries, should my 2 Canon batteries not allow me to complete the job. I do not expect that to be a problem.

I will have multiple camera buttons on the grip that will give me those controls when shooting in the portrait mode. I read there is better camera balance. Professional photographers like battery grips. Here is a sample review [5 Stars] from This by on June 20, 2014.

First, let me say, I love my BG-E13 battery grip! Yes, it makes the camera quite a bit heavier, and bulkier, but it adds a lot of stability to the platform, and makes carrying it a lot easier. From the day I put my battery grip on my 6D, I haven’t removed it. It has gone on several photo shoots with me, and the extra battery life and duplicate set of controls (in the portrait orientation) have really made the purchase worthwhile.

This is probably the single most productivity enhancing add-on I have purchased to date. If you’ve got a 6D, and you shoot more than a few portrait-oriented photographs, you really need this battery grip!


Author: jalexartis

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2 thoughts on “Photography/Technology ~ Canon Battery Grip BG-E13, 04/01”

  1. I delayed the purchase because my focus remains on the purchase of a replace van for mine that died September 01, 2015. I have paid off several bills and I no longer charge purchases. Fortunately, because of a photo job, I am able to buy this now and not use any of my regular earnings to do so. I have other items to buy the same way.

    It will be good to have the equipment I want to take pictures the way I want. It requires patience…



    1. Later, I plan to add an L-Bracket that permits switching from landscape to portrait mode on a tripod, maintaining the same point of focus, without adjusting the tripod. Other attachments can be put on the L-Bracket. I hope to buy from Pro Media Gear.



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