Photography ~ Shrubbery–Poncirus Trifoliata ‘Flying Dragon’ in Spring [Top], 03/31

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Photography ~ Mt. Sinai March 2016 Photo Shoot [24-hour update], 03/31

I think there will be more hats today as the pastor and church staff review. More in about 2 weeks…

Noon marks the pictures [63] being visible just over a day.

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Cedar Farms ~ The Chicks–The Final Four, 03/31

Red is BROODYWell, my Production Rhode Island Red has died. I had two of them. This is the broody one.

I do not know why she died.She did not make it to roost last night. I did not see her on the lower-level as I raised the ramp.

I presume she may have been dead then or experiencing stress, otherwise she would have been up.

It was easier to retrieve her remains from where she was.

From the original 12, I now have 4. I gave 2 away. Five have died and I put one down. I think of the remaining Chicks of Cedar Farms as The Final Four [nothing to do with basketball] because I will not replace them. So, three hens [2 green & 1 brown egg-layer] and a rooster–Lucy.

Blog ~ Twenty Sixteen Cascading Style Sheet [CSS], 03/31

This has been an active CSS coding month–well over 175 changes.

Indeed, a busy period in my CSS world, most of it focused on getting the Twenty Sixteen theme to display this blog as I want on most mobile devices. I used emulators, especially those in the Google Chrome Developer’s Tools. I also use online emulators [here is one], as well as my mobile devices [iPhone 6S Plus & Nokia Lumia 1520–a Windows Phone]. I am happy with the results.

I have validated and “minified” the statements. There are fewer lines and is supposed to load faster. Minifying meant the loss of my comments and remarks, as well as combining some of the statements. It is more challenging to recognize what a paragraph changes that before. Harder for you and for me. There is a link explaining it.

Recent changes are listed in the Change Log.

So much more…