Photography ~ It is Spring–Fayetteville, North Carolina [White Azalea][Top], 03/28

These with three 8’s and 2 Favorites…

Flickr 2016 Spring Shots Album

Photography ~ GT Worship Service–Easter Sunday [Flickr Slideshow], 03/29

The featured image leads the way with 79 views and 1 Favorite. That, after 2 days…


Fitness ~ Bike Ride–Transportation for Photo Job, 03/29

Clear Wednesday & Sunday mornings. Rain possible Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.

Mt Sinai DVD2I biked to Mt. Sinai today [3.68 mi.] for my 4th site survey and biked home [3.08 mi.]. I also looked at the church grounds Easter Sunday evening.

In terms of blossoms and the weather forecast, I need to shoot tomorrow morning. That means sunrise be there before the rising sun.

I expect this will be a two-part shoot. There is not sufficient foliage of the trees for a meaningful spring presentation.

Photography ~ Home–Critters–Lizard, 03/29

It has been awhile–last lizard pics were in 2012.

Just sunning…

That is the Mercedes [avocado] Pot. Picture update on her Friday–04/01.

[Lizards I’ve captured]

Photography ~ It is Spring–Fayetteville, North Carolina [Lilac Azalea], 03/29

Yet another set of Azalea pictures–this a Lilac Azalea

This is an interesting combination of colors on one plant

These azalea pictures also join the pinks.

Photography ~ It is Spring–Fayetteville, North Carolina [White Azalea], 03/28

Now, the White Azalea. I hope you have seen the pinks…

anted to photograph this one Easter Sunday Morning because white represents purity. I did not because it was raining and I went out of town. Rain persisted most of the day. Well, here are a few shots from Easter Monday Morning. These azalea pictures join the pinks.

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