Photography ~ Worship Service–Easter Sunday [Perspective–EOD Flickr Stats], 03/28

2016-03-28_20-00-30 EOD Stat

7,068 Flickr Views in a 24 hour period is a GREAT day. In fact, it ranks second in my all-time experience on Flickr [since June 2006]. Also of note, the photographs became viewable around 1:00 am or 5 hours after the start of the statistical day.

OTOH, the leader remains the number of Flickr Views of pictures uploaded 12/21/2014.

The pictures from last night’s Herrie and Claire’s Christmas Party were viewed a lot [5,202–more than any other recent day, exceeding yesterday’s 2,827], but not even close to the 14,494 views in one day [12/21/2014] of Herrie and Claire’s 2014 Christmas Party

That was an amazing 14.5K experience. Still, I’ll take days like today. I also know the views do not end today. Tomorrow could be even better. It will be a full 24-hour day. Plus, all my other pictures will be viewed.

Thanks to all who viewed. The album had a high 130 hits. Using, I can see the trends.

Link to Flickr Album
2016-03-28_21-12-00 Blog Link
Link to Blog Article


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