Photography & Technology ~ Intervalometer–Old & New, 03/24

20160324_190013442_iOSMy Canon EOS Remote TC-80N3 Intervalometer died [after 40 some years] and I could not resuscitate. I opened the case and moved around the contacts. I worked intermittently and then I went outside to take pictures–DEAD. My options: [cost is a factor]

  1. Canon–$210 + shipping.
  2.–for $129 + Shipping paid as a member of Amazon Prime.
  3.–other shutter controls [shipping paid, if 2-day shipping].

Oppilas BoxI looked at several option, most under $25.00 and decided, after reading a few reviews, that I would focus on a wireless remote.

Having a tether plugged into the camera can be a problem. Don’t ask me how I know.

Anyway, I selected an Oppilas for $18.88. I had gift cards totaling $17.56, leaving me a balance of 1.32. Hey, that’s a lot better than the first 2 options. Plus, not using a short cable gets my shadow out of the frame.

So, it arrived today and works as described. It is designed to attach to the camera’s hot-shoe. But, that is where my flash goes–nada. I repurposed another mount and attached it to my tripod. This will work, at least for direct shutter control. It even arrived with batteries included–4 AAAs.

I plan other options for bulb and time-lapse photography. I do not think I’ll buy another 80N3.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

One thought on “Photography & Technology ~ Intervalometer–Old & New, 03/24”

  1. Needed this or a different release. If for no more than shadow control for my upcoming church photo shoot. I’m waiting of Dogwood in full bloom and leaves on the trees. Maybe late next week or the following. I surveyed again yesterday. The Dogwood are blooming.


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