Photography ~ Shrubbery ~ It’s Nandina Domestica in Spring! 03/24

New growth–beautiful, tender leaves…

More of my spring 2016 photography here.

Photography & Technology ~ Intervalometer–Old & New, 03/24

20160324_190013442_iOSMy Canon EOS Remote TC-80N3 Intervalometer died [after 40 some years] and I could not resuscitate. I opened the case and moved around the contacts. I worked intermittently and then I went outside to take pictures–DEAD. My options: [cost is a factor]

  1. Canon–$210 + shipping.
  2.–for $129 + Shipping paid as a member of Amazon Prime.
  3.–other shutter controls [shipping paid, if 2-day shipping].

Oppilas BoxI looked at several option, most under $25.00 and decided, after reading a few reviews, that I would focus on a wireless remote.

Having a tether plugged into the camera can be a problem. Don’t ask me how I know.

Anyway, I selected an Oppilas for $18.88. I had gift cards totaling $17.56, leaving me a balance of 1.32. Hey, that’s a lot better than the first 2 options. Plus, not using a short cable gets my shadow out of the frame.

See my setup…

Photography ~ It is Spring–Fayetteville, North Carolina [Tops], 03/24

It’s another tie–15 views and a Favorite each…

IMG_6671.CR2Flickr 2016 Spring Shots–The Album

Blog ~ Internet–Optimize for speed, 03/24

I can only do one of these…

2016-03-24_13-55-25 MinifyI guess self-hosted bloggers can do all the things on this list. Maybe, I can leverage browser caching.

I understand the concept, but I do not think I have access to the coding to effect that change.

Nonetheless, I have minified the CSS using an online resource. As best I can tell, it simply strips the comments from the CSS, Thereby, the CSS loads faster.

I have not done a before and after test. To preserve the comments, I have to copy them to a safe place and then reload or modify off-line. The comments make it easier to find the section I want to change and to ensure I am changing the line of code I want to change.  Over time, I’ll see if it is worth the effort and the best way to do so.

Here is a snippet of the minified CSS

Blog ~ Twenty Sixteen Theme Cascading Style Sheet [CSS], 03/24

I’m almost there!

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2016-03-24_9-53-22 Mobile device