Browser ~ Google Chrome–Device Mode & Mobile Emulation

All the more reason to luv this browser…

Fullscreen capture 3192016 63104 AM Nexus 5XThis is a screen capture of the emulator in use.

With it, I have modified, as needed, my Cascading Style Sheet [CSS] so that this blog, with the Twenty Sixteen Theme, displays as I want it to.

All the devices listed, except the Nexus 5X, does so. I have asked for assistance with it. The screen with the trike is the 5X emulator.

Note: Strangely, the code for the 5X now fires and the blog displays properly. So, all devices emulated display as I want. See my comment.

I learned yesterday that this developer tool is a part of this browser.


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Blog ~ Twenty Sixteen Theme Cascading Style Sheet [CSS], 03/20

Just a brief note:

The last week, I have focused on having this blog, with the Twenty Sixteen Theme, display properly on mobile devices and tablets. Doing so requires some specific code for particular devices. Using emulators, I know the blog meets that criterion on over 20 devices.

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White Privilege ~ Do you know what that is? [Readability Analysis]

I was curious…

Having written this piece [below], I wondered how it scored in terms of readability. I posted an article comment earlier this morning that gives  a assessment. I continue to make minor revisions to the article. From those, I see minor score adjustments. This article is deemed easily readable by the general public.