Blog ~ Twenty Sixteen Theme Cascading Style Sheet [CSS], 03/07

FINALLY, with formatting, albeit, slightly different…

Through the magic of shortcode.
2016-03-07_8-22-13 shortcode

I  have spent around 12 hours yesterday and more than 4 already today trying to find a way for the CSS colors on my theme stylesheet page to show [hopefully with line numbers]. Copy and paste does not work–not in the blog, Microsoft Word, nor WordPad. I tried online code formatting, I tried screen captures and Optical Character Recognition, and on & on… Formating/highlighting is stripped from text to be pasted for some reason. BUMMER!!!

None of those worked. I spent LOTS of time researching “How-Tos.” The last place I looked gave me a solution that works, albeit without the colors I see in my  Twenty Sixteen CSS Page, but colors none-the-less, even with line numbers.

2016-03-07_8-04-03 CSS Shortcode

Line numbers make it easier to reference the code for questions, on to go back to the place one wants to return to. For me, I can easily change single items. The first line number is set to 15 to match my CSS line numbers.

I could have put up an image file that has all the colors; but, you would not be able to copy the code.

2016-03-07_8-42-28 CSS Image

I trust my enhanced Twenty Sixteen Custom CSS Page helps and will make its use easier.


I will do the same soon on my Twenty Fifteen Custom CSS.


Author: jalexartis

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One thought on “Blog ~ Twenty Sixteen Theme Cascading Style Sheet [CSS], 03/07”

  1. The magic in this case was a function of the “right” search string: This got me what I needed.

    Formatting code snippets for blogging on

    I am happy my quest is over.

    I did not yield…



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