Blog ~ Twenty Sixteen Theme Cascading Style Sheet [CSS], 03/05

Wanting to share the code I spent hours developing…

You see the top of my CSS page. Since December 10, 2015, I have had 480 page views. That is good, but many more may benefit. It can take hours, sometimes days, to find the element that one wants to change and then create the code to bring about the desired change(s).

Having done so, I want to share. Developing Cascading Style Sheets is not easy, particularly if one has no programming experience. I am fortunate to have focused on coding while in graduate school.

Again, for me, it is a matter of sharing–playing it forward. I want to see many more visitors to this page. I made 4┬ámods yesterday alone [articles], I know some will not be aware unless they follow the blog and focus on the CSS tag.

Here is hoping. Anyway, enjoy…