Blog ~ Twenty Sixteen Theme Cascading Style Sheet [CSS], 03/04

Removed annoying sidebar bullet & space before stats–also changed “OLDER POST” Button…



Four sections of code were inserted for the results you see above.

#blog-stats-2.widget.widget_blog-stats li {
/* remove bullet before blog stats, 03/04 */
list-style-type: none;

#blog-stats-2.widget.widget_blog-stats ul {
/* set left margin to 0, 03/04 */
margin-left: 0;

20160305_102237000_iOS.pngThe coding below relates to the button that follows the number of blog posts to display at most.

The changes look really good on my smartphones–an iPhone 6S Plus & a Windows Phone–Nokia 950.

.site-main #infinite-handle span {
/* change “Older Post” background color from black to Wild Blue Yonder, 03/04 */
background-color: #6d8ab9;

.site-main #infinite-handle span button {
/* change “Older Post” button background color from blue to Wild Blue Yonder & change case to 1st letter capitalized, 03/04 */
background-color: #6d8ab9;
text-transform: capitalize;

The difficult part, as is often the case, is finding the element to change. It takes time and patience. Perhaps these can be combined. I have them separate for clarity. Looking at the CSS sheet you will also find code to position the blog stats. See my Twenty Sixteen CSS Page for the coding above. –jaa

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