Home ~ Black & White Room work today, 02/20

It has been a busy one after 5 miles of walking to Lowes and back…

I got exercise, nonetheless…  Anyway, I had 3 task on return:

  1. Prepare the base for the bike hoist–complete.
  2. Darken the workstation top using an ebony stain–complete.
  3. Replace the garbage disposal splash guard–to do.

Two out of three is not bad. Thanks to Quinton [next door] for his help [twice today] in handling the plywood hoist base.

Tomorrow, I will apply the stain to darken the wood of the stand I’m using for the large monitor and install the bike hoist and get the sinks working again.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

2 thoughts on “Home ~ Black & White Room work today, 02/20”

  1. Why the plywood? To allow the hanging bike to be closer to the wall. I could have built an “H” base as well. I had to do one or the other because the joist I could use is 24″ from the wall. A bike hanging there would be in the way.

    I will place the hoist 12″ [centered] on the 2-foot board. It will hang centered on the bike beneath it and permit traffic in & out of the room.

    Ultimately , I may have the board matched to the ceiling pattern.

    Stay tuned…



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