Blog ~ Anniversary–10 Years, Since 02/12/2006

Time really does fly when one is having fun…

CE Logo clear edgesFebruary 12, 2006, marks the day I began blogging @ with VK2 Setup. I published a separate blog [6 of them] for each of the cycles I owned.

I combined those blogs and moved them to November 30, 2008. I tried for a brief period and returned to

The nature on this blog has evolved over time. Now, it reflects more of things I do rather than just the cycles I ride. That is in part because I no longer participate in Bentrider Online. Pageviews have gone from an average of 300+ per day down to a hopeful 100+ per day. That is okay.

I am content to have this medium to share what I do, and share my photography and technology I find interesting. Oh, yes, and occasionally, dishes I prepare. Thanks for coming over. I hope you find pieces that interest you as well. I appreciate your visits.

Jim Artis [a.k.a. jalexartis]


Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

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