Technology ~ Photography–Wish List [SOLOSHOT3], 01/12

Yet, another piece of kit relating to photography…

I see so many things I can do with a robotic, pan & tilt device. I have been following the SOLOSHOT since it was introduced–spring 2012. Now, generation 3 is scheduled to ship this spring.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

5 thoughts on “Technology ~ Photography–Wish List [SOLOSHOT3], 01/12”

    1. 30% discount. It would have been more if I could have ordered earlier. This order placed today to save $389.10. The total, without discount would have been: $1,297.00. Those who purchased earlier received a much larger discount. SOLOSHOT is currently reducing the discount 1% weekly. That is just $129.70 for the items I ordered.


    2. On shipping:

      We are scheduled to ship the pre-ordered units from September out in Spring of 2016 (April – June). We don’t have an exact date just yet, I apologize! Still waiting on some updated information from our manufacturer.

      If you were to pre-order today, it will likely not ship until closer to the summer since we have quite a high number of pre-orders already in place.

      We will be sending updates to our pre-order customers to keep them in the loop about their order status and when to expect their SOLOSHOT3!

      Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime.

      Team SOLOSHOT

      I plan to place my van order between now and the 1st of February. It is to take about 5 months from order to delivery. SOLOSHOT and the van may arrive within weeks of each other.


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