Publication ~ Time Magazine Cover, 11/23/2015

Exposure in national periodicals:

  1. Just a Sports Illustrated photo [no name]–blog article 11/19/15
  2. A Sun Sentinel Newspaper Article–blog article 11/19/15
  3. Rails-to-Trails Article–blog article 03/31/09
  4. TIME Magazine cover photograph, 11/23/2015. Note cover photograph credit below [page 4 of the magazine].


Publication ~ Sun Sentinel: Tour of Discovery–Selma journey brings kindred sprits together, 08/29/2009

mysunsentinelarticle7This is my second national exposure in a periodical and first article [other than my blog] that my name is on the by line. Related blog article–09/02/2009.

Publication ~ Sports Illustrated–Road Warriors, 10/23/2006

This issue of SI published a story, “Road Warriors,” about our local cycling club–Cross Creek Cycling Club [C4]. I’m in the small picture in the center of the story. For me, it was a national exposure of sorts. Then I wrote:

The October 23rd [Volume 105. No. 16] Sports Illustrated has an article on page 150 that describes some aspects of the Cross Creek Cycling Club (C4) in Fayetteville, North Carolina and refers to us as “Road Warriors.”

I am the little fellow on the left on the back row